Woody Point Medical Centre is a premier healthcare centre focused on delivering the highest quality family care. Our work extends beyond our caring clinic and into the surrounding communities that we serve.

We have a wide range of medical services and complimentary services to suit our local Woody Point community and the surrounding areas of Margate, Clontarf, Redcliffe, Scarborough, Kippa Ring, Rothwell, Brighton, Sandgate, Newport, and Deception Bay.

Here at Woody Point Medical Centre, our newly built clinic features state of the art technology and equipment and we have full-time registered nurse support. We provide first-class medical care for your entire family. We care for newborn infants, the elderly and everyone in between.

Helping people means a lot to us. In the course of our professional work, we spare no effort in promoting charity in different forms, helping people, animals and the environment by regularly participating in various charity activities and donating to areas of need.

You will receive personalised care from a family owned practice. In our centre, you will find all aspects of care within the same complex. From skin checks to skin cancer removals, hearing tests, pregnancy care, chronic disease care plans, counselling service, pain management, blood collection service and many more.

We are located in Woody Point, which is on the south-east of the Redcliffe peninsula, approximately 24 kilometres north-northeast of the centre of Brisbane. We have easy access with parking and onsite health professionals, making us a reliable medical home.

In this centre, we emphasise the constant need for quality. Our motto is to make sure that all patients are well greeted and looked after by our friendly staff and professionals. We attach great importance to feedback for improvement from patients and visitors alike.

Please call us on (07) 3284 9452 during office hours if you would like to raise a concern or make suggestions regarding our centre.

Practice Billing Policies


Billing Policy

As of 21st November 2022

Our aim is to provide the highest quality medical care for our patients for all levels of their health. We are a private billing clinic offering a wide range of services.

We are fully equipped with Eftpos, Apple Pay & Tyro machines so medicare can pay the rebate back to you instantly.

See below for which fees apply to you.

Private Fees.

If the below applies to you:

    • 16-64 years and
    • no Centrelink Pension or Health Care Card

Discount Fees.

If the below applies to you:

  • 16-64 years and
  • on Centrelink Pension or Health Card (receiving Centrelink benefits)
  • or Students (with a valid student ID) including OSHC


If the below applies to you:

  • 15 years and under
  • DVA Patients
  • Over 65 years on pension card (not including commonwealth seniors card)

Standard Consult (up to 15 mins)

Private Fee- $80

Discount Fees- $65

Medicare rebate $39.75

Long Consult (over 15 mins)

Private Fee- $130

Discount Fees- $110

Medicare rebate $76.95

Telehealth Consultations.

To be eligible for telehealth consults you must have attended the clinic in the last 12 months. These are charged per our normal private fee structure and are booked as a standard consultation. 

Prolonged Consult (over 40 mins)

Private Fee- $165

Discount Fees- $130

Medicare rebate $113.30

New Patients

Our friendly nurses will take a past history and basic observations before seeing the doctor, so please allow 30 minutes for our thorough new patient appointment.

Private fee- $80 (Medicare rebate $39.75)

Discount Fee- $65 (Medicare rebate $39.75)

Other Services

The below fees apply to all patients. 

Biopsy & Excisions

The GP will explain costs related to your required excision. Out of pockets costs between $50-$200 may apply.

Dressings & Wound Care

For regular wound care a fee of $10-$30 may be applicable.

Spirometry (Lung Function Test)

$30 + $80 Consult Fee (Medicare rebate $58.25)

Travel Vaccinations

Standard- $80          Long- $130

Travel Consults are unfortunately not Medicare rebateable. Cost is dependent on individual vaccine.

Supervised RAT Tests for Travel

A standard consult fee of $88 is charged and a RAT test is provided. This is not a Medicare rebateable service.

Commercial Drivers Medicals

$165    As a work related expense this is not a Medicare rebatable service so the total out of pocket cost is listed.

Children Without Medicare

The rebate amount will be charged privately (fee $39.75-$76.95), once the child has medicare, you will be able to claim the full amount back from Medicare.

ECG (Heart Function Test)

$35 + $80 Consult Fee (Medicare rebate $56.30)

Work Related Paperwork

Standard- $80          Long- $130         Prolonged- $165

As a work related expense this is not a Medicare rebateable service so no the total out of pocket expense is listed.

Insurance Related Paperwork

Standard- $80          Long- $130         Prolonged- $165

As a insurance claim this is not a Medicare rebateable service so the total out of pocket cost is listed.

Womens Health

The below fees apply to all patients.

Mirena insertion

$275 (Medicare rebate $149.00)

Implanon removal

$130 (Medicare rebate $54.60) 

Mirena removal

$80 (Medicare rebate $39.75)

Implanon insertion

$130 (Medicare rebate $45.95)

Mental Health

Mental Health Consultations.

Mental Health Consult- $130 or $110 discount fee ($75.80 Medicare Rebate)

Mental Health Care Plan Long – $155 or $130 discount fee ($96.25 Medicare Rebate)

Mental Health Care Plan Prolonged- $165 or $150 discount fee ($141.80 Medicare Rebate)

Mental Health Care Plan Review Plan- $125 or $95 discount fee ($75.80 Medicare Rebate)

All patients are private billed on weekends and public holidays.

$30 cancellation fee applies for appointments not attended.


Practice Communication Policy


There are multiple ways we communicate with our patients. Patients can book an appointment either via our online booking system or by calling our practice. Phone consults with doctors can also be arranged by patients. For recalls, we call our patients directly and electronic communication is preferrably sent via fax.

Management of Patient Health Information


Our practice does not collect health information unless the patient consents and agrees to disclose relevant information about their health. We only collect health information that is reasonably necessary for delivery of healthcare services. 

How to Provide Feedback


Patients are encouraged to contact the practice with any concerns. However, if there is a problem the patient wishes to take up outside our practice, the patient can contact the Office of Health Ombudsman on 133 646.

Home Visits


Our practice conducts home visits for eligible patients within the local area. Patients may be eligible if they are homebound or have other reasons why they physically cannot attend out practice. Please talk to our friendly team to check your eligibility for home visits.

Walk In Appointments


We welcome walk-ins for emergencies and short appointments. For example, if you only need a script, referral, or a follow-up, we are happy to fit you in if the calendar allows it. For longer consults, please call the practice or use our online booking system to book your appointment.